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2015 Cue Awards Show
In-Context- Guardians of the Galaxy

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2015 Cue Awards Show












2008 Music Preview - Quarter 3 (September)
A Look Ahead at this Summer's Soundtracks


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Feature Films 2008


by Ed Shearmur
Opens: September 5, 2008

Sad news came when Ed Shearmur came off of THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, but the composer jumps back into the fray with the psychological thriller PASSENGERS which stars Anne Hathaway.  Shearmur is definitely due for a grade-A score sometime in the near future, but I have my doubts that this film will be it.

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading
by Carter Burwell
Opens: September 12, 2008

How long has it been since there was big talk about a CARTER BURWELL score?  A pretty long while, indeed.  He certainly gets his fair share of interesting projects:  NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and IN BRUGES comes to mind, but few of his scores in recent years get much buzz.  Well for BURN AFTER READING he teams of with the Cohen Brothers again and so we can rest assured we'll hear more than enough buzz on the project itself.  I don't think this will end the musical-buzz-drought unfortunately.

Anticipation level: low


by Marco Antônio Guimarăes
Opens: October 5, 2008

A film about societal breakdown when masses of people start going blind?  Count me in!  The score is reportedly being done by Marco Antônio Guimarăes who is the leader of the Brazilian band Uakti.  The band has worked with composer Phillip Glass in 1999 for their release, Aguas da Amazonia.  If the score follows the established sound of Uakti with its rich combination of strings and percussion, this could be very interesting.

Anticipation level: medium

Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace
by Jeff and Mychael Danna
Opens: September 19, 2008

Jeff and Mychael Danna combined their talents for last year's suspense/thriller, FRACTURE.  The two wove an intriguing score together that I imagine will along the same lines as their latest, LAKEVIEW TERRACE.  Here Samuel L. Jackson is an over-zealous neighborhood-watcher who has a problem with a new couple who have moved into the neighborhood.  Just like Fracture, I anticipate a nice moment or two from this score, but not too much beyond that.


by Nathaniel Mechaly
Opens: September 19, 2008

Moved from February 2008.  Is that James Bond 22 starring Liam Neeson?  Sort of looks that way, judging by the poster.  This French flick has next to nothing to do with espionage.  Instead it focuses on a father (Neeson) who's daughter is kidnapped while on a trip to France.  Now, I said "next to nothing." Right?  Well, it turns out Neeson's character is a former spy and will need his old skillset to trackdown his missing daughter.  Now the score is provided by NATHANIEL MECHALY who has done a number of French film scores and television spots as well.  He's not well-known outside of Europe and I'm not sure what to expect here, so join me in having low expectations with hope for a late-2007 surprise.

Anticipation level: low

Death Race

Death Race
by Unknown
Opens: September 26, 2008

Director Paul Anderson revisits the revisited.  With the Death Race 2000 remake of the original DEATH RACE already reaching cult-classic status, it's amazing that someone would want to touch this story yet again.  Well with Anderson at the helm we all know what to expect for the score - gritty, grungy, electronic mayhem.  Maybe Tyler Bates' or Paul Haslinger's phone has already begun to ring...

Anticipation level: low

Video Games 2008


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3, X360, PSP, PS2, Wii)

Composer: Mark Griskey
Game release date: September 16

Star Wars comes to the forefront again with, not only THE CLONE WARS, but with another video game from LUCASARTS.  This one has been a long time coming and THE FORCE UNLEASHED is poised to truly shake things up.  The music, crafted by Mark Griskey will further bridge the prequel trilogy with the original.  Gamers will be enthralled and even the hard-core John Williams fan will be tipping their dusty fedoras to Mark Griskey after they hear this one.



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Tracksounds 2008 Music Preview is just that - a preview.  Release dates are subject to our composers attached to these projects.  The details found in the following are subject to change.  We'll endeavour to stay on top of such changes, but if you spot something out of date or incorrect, please notify me.



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