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Scorefront:  Karl Preusser


Welcome to Scorefront presented by Tracksounds!

From new fresh new faces to veteran composers from around the world, Tracksounds is proud to bring you Scorefront.  Here we bring talented composers from the world of film, television, video game, and production music to the forefront. Differing from a traditional interview, this feature brings you a quick introduction to the composer and to their work.  Each Scorefront profile page delivers a bio-segment, "The Quick 8 (Eight interview questions), Streaming music tracks, and introductory review of the composer's music.

We now bring the following composers to the Scorefront...

Composer Penka Kouneva

Penka Kouneva is a Sundance Composer Fellow and a Hollywood film composer who blends her native Eastern-European influences with modern orchestra, medieval chant, rock, and electronica. Recently, she composed additional score for the video games PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE FORGOTTEN SANDS and TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN working alongside composer Steve Jablonsky. Her solo scores include the horror feature MIDNIGHT MOVIE, the crime drama THE THIRD NAIL and  music for FORENSIC FILES, DOG FIGHTS and MODERN MARVELS.

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Composer Assaf Rinde

Assaf Rinde

Assaf Rinde has scored over twenty films, many of which have screened in prestigious international film festivals and been broadcast over television worldwide, including Daheli Hall's new comedy which was selected for broadcast on HBO. He has also worked as a contributor in film and long-form dramatic television, such as the films GHOST RIDER and SPIDERMAN 3 with composer Christopher Young, the series SUPERNATURAL with composer Christopher Lennertz and the ABC hit show LOST with composer Michael Giacchino. 

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Composer Stephen Harwood Jr.

Stephen Harwood Jr.

Composer Stephen Harwood Jr is best known for his critically acclaimed orchestral score for Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30. Specializing in orchestral and modern orchestral-synth hybrid composition for games and film/tv, he is also an accomplished producer, arranger and performer with experience across a variety of styles including jazz and electronic dance music. Stephen holds a Master of Music in Studio Jazz Writing from the University of Miami (Florida). His clients include Gearbox Software, Large Animal Games, Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and U-Phonic Records.

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Composer Colin O'Malley

Colin O'Malley

A composer for feature films, television and games, Colin's clients include the Walt Disney Company, the United States Air Force, Eidos, Electronic Arts and DC Comics. In 2005 Colin received an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Music and Sound for his score to the PBS documentary film "The Last Reunion: A Gathering of Heroes." Colin's game credits include Superman Returns/EA and the upcoming title Tomb Raider Underworld from Eidos/Crystal Dynamics...

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Composer Duane Decker

Duane Decker

Duane Decker is an independent composer/producer whose music has been heard worldwide in computer, console and pinball games, location-based entertainment, television, the Internet, radio and live. With over 15 years of experience in the game industry, his work has contributed to bringing games to the forefront of the entertainment industry. He continues to score interactive titles as well as expand into other forms of music production and push the boundaries in the constantly changing world of entertainment.

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Composer Karl Preusser

Karl Preusser

Composer Karl Preusser moved from studying guitar to composition at Berklee College.  He has composed a wide range of music from television commercials to feature films, to concert works.  His latest projects include DRAGONLANCE: DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT and AUDIE AND THE WOLF.

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Scorefront Composers:

Penka Kouneva
Assaf Rinde
Stephen Harwood Jr.
Colin O'Malley
Duane Decker
Karl Preusser

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