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Cap's Note Highlights

"It was one of the worst endings to a trilogy in cinema history,"

"Shoot me for being an Elfman hater (which Iím not), but I really liked Zimmerís efforts."

"Alexandre Desplat deserves a lifetime achievement award..."


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Most Memorable Theme
It was one of the worst endings to a trilogy in cinema history, but I have to hand it to Hans Zimmer for coming up with an amazingly memorable love theme. Itís nothing elaborate at allóbut it grabs your ears, jumps inside your brain, and refuses to leaveÖand I mean all that in a good way.

Best Score As Heard on Album
I know we film score fans donít normally appreciate a score CD with a heavy song quotient, but I fell in love with the ENCHANTED soundtrackóboth the score and the songs. Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz did an excellent job.Ē Another great score heard on album (I think) was THE SIMPSON MOVIE. Shoot me for being an Elfman hater (which Iím not), but I really liked Zimmerís efforts.

Outstanding Composer of the Year
James Newton Howard is always outstanding (bias? What bias?), but his output for 2007 was quite incredible.

Disappointment of the Year
Alexandre Desplat deserves a lifetime achievement award for this category. Is that too harsh? WellÖmaybe. But I still donít see what the big deal is about him.

Best Score Missed by Oscar
Eastern Promises has been compared (and rightly so) to Schindlerís List. While not a flawless masterpiece (as was Williamsí composition), Shoreís music deserved some sort of recognition. Alas and alack, 3:10 TO YUMA got a nod instead.



Cap Stewart is a contributor, Contest Admin at Tracksounds. He is also an author and filmmaker: 4 Scores and Seven Films Ago


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