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2015 Cue Awards Show





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The official podcast of, The SoundCast is hosted by Christopher Coleman and features reviews and discussions centered around film, TV, and video game soundtracks. Special edition episodes include interviews with composers and other industry professionals.

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2008 Music Preview:  A Look Ahead at this Year's Soundtracks

Another year of music lay at our doorsteps.  What will 2008 hold for our musical palettes?  There are plenty of big-budget films on tap for 08 that should make room for some big, bold scores.  Indiana Jones is back.  Superheroes are on the increase:  Iron Man, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine. Hellboy 2.  Children's books turned into fantasy films are cutting in line:  The Spiderwick Chronicles, Nim's Island, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian may only be the tip of the iceberg.

There are always a number of surprises from the host of dramatic films that fill the Fall.  Indie films and foreign films also deliver a handful of good scores each year.  Which ones will do it in 2008?  Here, we'll give you our perspective on which upcoming 2008 films might provide the best scores...and which ones may not.  In addition, we've added a video game category.  As 2007 showed, the video game music industry has come to rival that of film scores, so we'll try to give you a glimpse at which game scores might be ones to clamour for.

While Award season is in full gear the actual movie going experience generally goes for a dive in the dumper.  But for 2008? Not so fast.  There just might be a couple movies that give, at least our ears, something to look forward to.

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Free and Legal:  The Best Free Film, TV and Game Music Online

Downloading music on the internet is almost as common as breathing these days.
  If you have a computer that has a broadband connection to the internet, then you've likely downloaded, at the very least, a sound clip or two.  More likely, you've downloaded full tracks or entire albums already.  Services such as eMusic, iTunes, Yahoo Music, and more recently, have all made it easy to get the music you want and at more affordable prices.  As we know, downloading music has cast the industry into a new era where the lines of ownership, fair-use, and profitability have been put into question. . .

Here you will find a list of sites that offer music in a variety of ways: sound clips to streaming tracks to fully downloadable and free tracks!  You will likely find some great music out there that you could not buy, even if you wanted to.  You may discover a new talent that might lead you to buying other music from the composer.   You will inevitably find some new treasure to bring hours of entertainment to your ears. . . and all for free!

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High Score: The New Era of Video Game Music

High Score: The New Era of Game Music  - Tracksounds Special Feature

The days of the stunted, electronic, jingles which cued up with the drop of each quarter or token into those hungry, little, metal slots seem like a century ago. As the world of video games has become increasingly sophisticated (not to mention lucrative), so has the music associated with it. While the musical jingles from Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, or Ms. Pac Man have become icons themselves, an increasing amount of today's video game music is sharing more in common with many of the iconic film scores of the last thirty years.

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The Themes of Fall

The Themes of Fall: The Music of Football and Film  - Tracksounds Special Feature

No other sport in America has a following like it.  Be it High School football in Texas, college football in Florida or the Mid-West, or the National Football League, no other sport garners the attention and passions of its fans like the game of football.  Perhaps its because there are so few games per season.  Perhaps its because the levels of strategy and nuance go unapproached by any other mainstream sport.  Perhaps it's because the teams are often likened to armies and its players like warriors.  Then out of climactic clashes on the field rise mythic heroes who capture the imagination.  Perhaps these are some of the reasons why football in America has gone from competition to institution.  As someone once said, "Baseball might be America's past-time, but football is America's passion."

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Return of the Matrix

Return of The Matrix - Tracksounds Special Feature

In 1999, the movie business was in dire need of a revolution.  It just didn't know it yet and neither did the movie-going-public.  The Wachowski Brothers upstart production of THE MATRIX shook up an industry that had all but given up on creativity.  The biggest cultural-phenomenon started by a single film since 1977's STAR WARS,  THE MATRIX not only introduced a new vocabulary to many but help propel the perception of the computer-geek from zero to hero.  THE MATRIX was intelligent and visually engaging at the same time...two things that seemed to have become mutually exclusive in the world of film.  Interweaving the religious and the philosophical, Japanese anime, and the Chinese, kung fu genre, THE MATRIX was a blend that few had even dared dream about, let alone follow that dream through to a feature film.  THE MATRIX could be considered the first cyber-punk film to move into the mainstream. It went on to influence a number of films and television shows and commercials, which sought to capitalize on some of the groundbreaking effects and growing interest in cyberspace.  Not to be lost amidst of the visual effects and philosophical messages was this film's innovative use of electronica and orchestral score.  The music of The Matrix went to on influence the world of film music almost as much as the film had influenced it's world.

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Music from the Films of Zhang Yimou

Music from the Films of Zhang Yimou

One of the famed "fifth-generation" directors our of China's growing film history, director Zhang Yimou has been delighting audiences for over twenty years.   His first major film as director came in 1987 with RED SORGHUM (scored by Jiping Zhao) garnered numerous awards and nominations and was prominently featured in the International film festival circuit.  This would be his first of seven collaborations with famed Chinese actress Gong Li.  Zhang Yimou established, what has become, his trademark use of stylized color photography as a means of storytelling with RAISE THE RED LATERN in 1991 (scored by Jiping Zhao and Naoki Tachikawa). 

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Faith and Film Music - Part I

Faith and Film Music - The Music and the Meaning

There it sits on many-a nightstand . . .just as dusty as my father's old Ben Hur records.  At least one Bible probably sits on the shelf of every screenplay author or studio executive.  The Bible, of course, makes a great deal of sense as movie-material.  It is veritable treasure trove of complete stories and even more story seeds.  Many of these are full of the two, magic, Hollywood ingredients: sex and violence.  Further, the Bible is public domain, so no royalties, no contracts, no one has to pay a thing for portraying any of these tales in whatever manner they so choose (or will they?).  Composers have benefited as well.  What a platform from which to unleash an orchestra on for an epic confrontation or divine miracle!  And that they did.

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Cue Awards

The Cue Awards Presented by Tracksounds - Honoring The Best in SoundtracksTracksounds recognizes the year's best in soundtracks! 





The Caption Contest

You can WIN GREAT SOUNDTRACKS and other movie memorabilia by simply submitting the winning caption from one of today's hottest films! 

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Special Reviews


Soundtracks of Hollywood's Quest for Space
by Christopher Coleman

Whether it was reaching the upper atmosphere, the moon or Mars, the drive and determination of mankind to reach their goal has translated into numerous feature films and numerous film scores. Some of the most entertaining scores have come from films that centered around man's quest for space. To that end, Tracksounds focuses on the scores that point to unearthly destinations and the force of human courage and determination to reach them.

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Firefly Original Soundtrack by Greg Edmondson 

Serenity Original Soundtrack by David Newman

Double review of FIREFLY and SERENITY

Little known composer Greg Edmonson was not a complete stranger to television or science fiction when he started working on “Firefly”, having written music for “Quantum Leap” and a handful of other shows, including the very non-science fiction animation “King of the Hill.” But those shows may very well give you an idea of his approach, one being a non-conventional time-traveling science fiction series, and the other being a contemporary western-family oriented sitcom (which also happens to be a cartoon.) So hearing the music for “Firefly” for the first time is a particular treat--Mostly because it’s not what you expect at all…

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Gladiator (Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer


More Music from Gladiator (Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer

Double Review of GLADIATOR by Hans Zimmer

Some would say the era of the great Roman-Empire films are long gone. Not since Ben Hur, Spartacus, or Quo Vodis, has there been an impacting film about the formidably complex Roman Empire. Director Ridley Scott, actor Russell Crowe, and composers Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard have combined to bring the glory and passion of the Roman Empire back to the big screen.  

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Braveheart and (Soundtrack) by James Horner More Music from Braveheart (Soundtrack) by James Horner

Double Review of Braveheart by James Horner

If James Horner ever wrote a shoe-in for an Oscar, surely it was Braveheart. Ah, the irony known as The Oscars! As Mel Gibson's Braveheart racked in Oscar after Oscar, surely composer James Horner would bring in the coveted prize - finally. As we know, it was not meant to be for 1995, but, as we further know, Horner would finally receive some recompense. Two years later Horner would bring home that trophy, for this ultra-popular score to Titanic.

The score for Braveheart represents the very best of James Horner. 1995 was, arguably, the composers best year. Not only did Braveheart find itself nominated for best score but so did Horner's Apollo 13. For many, Braveheart remains one of their most beloved Horner compositions, if not their all-time favorite. This Celtic sound would go on to permeate several of Horner's later scores including: The Devil's Own, and Titanic.

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The Grinch: Battle for Christmas

For years Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas has entertained old and young alike. For many, like my own family, it became a yearly tradition to watch this cartoon together along with A Charlie Brown Christmas and the claymation-classics, Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Interestingly enough the music of each of these Christmas classics have become classics in their own right. From Vince Guaraldi's wonderful jazz trio underscoring of Charlie Brown's search for the true meaning of Christmas, to comical lyrics of You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, each forged a special place in the hearts of millions.

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The FANtom Menace: Double Review of the music 
from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

With the second official release of music from Episode 1 of the Star Wars saga, the true menace is manifesting as none other than the Star Wars fans themselves. The initial release from Sony in May of 1999, proved, for many, to be far inadequate. The second release with every note of music from the film has, instead of satisfying the heartiest of Star Wars music fans, brought their subtle frustrations out of the shadows into the light- poised to strike out in rebellion against the evil Empire, Sony Classical.

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The James Horner Compilation Showdown

With the overwhelming success of James Horner's score to Cameron's epic Titanic three major film score labels jumped to get a compilation disc out containing his music. The three currently available, not including bootlegs, are in some ways similar and in others "different worlds." Here, I will compare three of the latest compilations released and see which one gives the listener the best experience. Of the three official releases, I will compare several facets: song selection; recording quality; length; packaging; track order; orchestra performance.

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Film Music of the East

Film Music featuring the elaborate and distinctive touch of the Far East has thrilled music fans for years. In recent years, some of the best scores featuring Far Eastern musical elements have been produced.  Western composers such as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Hans Zimmer, among others, have tried their hands at this type of film music and many times with unforgettable results!

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Film Music Forecast: 2002

What does 2002 hold for film music audiences? Tracksounds provides you with a general overview and also a detailed look at the upcoming year in film music. This forecast will help you plan your film music year! Know when the most-anticipated films and scores of the year are about to be released, when to save up your money, what attitiude to pack for your next movie-theatre excursion and more!

And now your 12-Month Forecast...

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Don Davis (1999)
Jeff Rona (1999)





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