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D-War (Soundtrack) by Steve Jablonsky Tales of Earthsea (DVD)
D-War (Soundtrack) by Steve JablonskyBuy D-WAR (Soundtrack) by Steve JablonskyNow only $12.99!

Written and directed by comedian-turned-filmmaker Shim Hyung Rae, sci-fi action blockbuster D-War drew 2.95 million moviergoers in its first week of release alone, breaking The Host's previous record. D-War's stunning special effects and action has been bringing in the viewers, and the film is more than set to enter the top ten pantheon of highest-grossing Korean films to complement its title of most expensive Korean film ever made. D-War draws from a Korean legend, but the film itself is shot in the States and features a Hollywood cast of Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, and Aimee Garcia. Behr stars as L.A. TV reporter Ethan Kendrick who is faced with the formidable task of facing a mythical serpent dragon that has awakened to threaten humankind. D-War opens in the U.S. in September 2007, but until then here's the soundtrack, featuring the film's score and the mood-setting patriotic Korean folk song Arirang.
Buy this title nowTales of Earthsea (DVD)Enter a dark, magical world of dragons and sorcery in Studio Ghibli's blockbuster animated epic Tales from Earthsea. Adapted from Ursula K. Le Guin's beloved children's fantasy book series, Tales from Earthsea marks the phenomenal directorial debut of Miyazaki Goro, the son of the legendary Miyazaki Hayao. Complex and compelling, Tales from Earthsea presents a sweeping, fantastical story about a young prince's journey through darkness and redemption.   This edition includes the feature film in Japanese or English audio with Japanese and English subtitles. It also comes with a disc of extras including trailers and special feature "The Birth of "Therru's Song".
Soul of the Ultimate Nation (Soundtrack) by Howard Shore Jumong (DVD Set)
SUN: Soul of the Ultimate Nation (Game Soundtrack) by Howard ShoreBuy this title nowHoward Shore, the composer who was crowned with several Oscars for the musical contribution he made to the highly acclaimed Lord of the Rings movie series returns with all-new melodies.
This time the honored film composer's sounds can be heard in the grand on-line game SUN: Soul of the Ultimate Nation. He has come up with the main theme of this new MMORPG delight by MU on-line game producer WEBZEN and embellished its characters with his unique musical style. Supported by a grand orchestra Shore's fine nuances promise to keep all music lovers spellbound!
Buy this title nowJumong (1 - 4) DVDMBC's hugely popular Jumong is the first of a wave of Korean historical dramas dealing with the Goguryeo Dynasty (approximately 37 BC-AD 668). Written by veteran Choi Wan Gyu (Hur Jun, Sang Do, and All In) and Jung Hyung Soo (Damo), Jumong is one of Korea's most impressive and popular historical dramas. It dominated television screens during its broadcast, attracting viewership ratings of over 40% in Korea.

Battle Royale 2 (Soundtrack) by Masamichi Amano A Battle of Wits
Battle Royale 2  (Soundtrack) by Masamichi AmanoBuy this title nowSet three years following the events portrayed in 'Battle Royale', one of the survivors, Shuya Nanahara, has become a notorious anti-government terrorist. Leading the group 'Wild Seven' he has declared war on the adults who enforce the BR Act. To counteract this the government creates a new act, one that forces a group of Junior High School students to act as an anti-terrorist force and hunt down Nanahara in 72 hours or face death.  Once again the score is composed by MASAMICHI AMANO. Buy this title nowA Battle of Wits (DVD)

Andy Lau portrays a superhero in ancient China - not the kind of heroes that possess great martial arts skills frequently appearing in this genre, but a man who fights tough battles with great intelligence. Director Jacob Cheung, renowned for making contemporary-set movies such as The Kid (with Leslie Cheung), presents his first period epic A Battle of Wits which pleases movie fans with the magnificent, realistic war scenes and its thought-provoking content. Adapted from a popular Japanese manga titled Bokko, A Battle of Wits features Korean veteran Ahn Sung Ki and handsome Super Junior member Choi Si Won. Cast also includes Taiwanese singer Nicky Wu, Fan Bingbing from A Chinese Tall Story, and Mainland actor Wang Zhiwen.

Tales of Earthsea (Gedo Senki) Soundtrack Love and Honor
Tales of Earthsea (Soundtrack) / Gedo Senki by Tamiya TerashimaBuy this title nowTamiya Terashima scores this epic anime feature with powerful action pieces and emotional themes.  He continues the Japanese tradition of powerful anime soundtracks.  Enter a dark, magical world of dragons and sorcery in Studio Ghibli's blockbuster animated epic Tales from Earthsea. Adapted from Ursula K. Le Guin's beloved children's fantasy book series, Tales from Earthsea marks the phenomenal directorial debut of Miyazaki Goro, the son of the legendary Miyazaki Hayao. Buy this title nowLove and Honor (DVD)Renowned director Yamada Yoji brings his acclaimed samurai trilogy to a beautiful close with Love and Honor (a.k.a. Bushi no Ichibun). Like Twilight Samurai and Hidden Blade, Love and Honor is based on the works of Fujisawa Shuhei, and the story follows a familiar arc, portraying a samurai's struggle for honor in the face of harrowing challenges. While his previous two films were helmed by screen veterans Sanada Hiroyuki and Nagase Masatoshi, for Love and Honor Yamada chose pop icon Kimura Takuya as the film's star. The casting initially drew skepticism as, though Kimura had appeared in many television dramas, he had little film experience. Kimura, however, made the role his own, delivering a career-defining performance. Under Yamada's assured hand, the rich aesthetics and restrained acting give way to an increasingly emotional and intense story that culminates with a gripping sword duel. Winning both at box office and with critics, Love and Honor just might be the best of the trilogy.
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