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Apocalypse World War II
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Music from the Batman Trilogy
The Possession


How to Train Your Dragon 2
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Captain America:  The Winter Soldier
Rio 2


2015 Cue Awards Show
In-Context- Guardians of the Galaxy

Interview: Jeff Russo
In-Context- Dawn/Planet of the Apes
Interview: Neil S. Bulk


Twitter Response Show 1 (Ep 4)
The State of the Film Music Theme
The James Horner Legacy
2015 Cue Awards ReactionShow
2015 Cue Awards Show



  Quick-Click Soundtrack Reviews


  Formerly known as "First Impressions", Quick-Click Reviews are concise soundtrack reviews which focus on bottom line recommendation and overall musical impression. 
Some of the links below are still in the original First-Impression format.  Those in the newer Quick-Click Format are indicated with a "QC".

QC Rating = First Impression or Quick-Click Rating | Full Rating = Full Review Rating


General Soundtracks

Quick-Click Reviews

Special Releases and Compilations

Television and Video Game Soundtracks







Review Format

  The 10th Kingdom   Anne Dudley 7/10 QC  
  61* 21 Marc Shaiman 5/10 QC  
  1984:  the Music of Oceania   Muldowney


  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea   Mark Snow 7/10    
  American History X   Anne Dudley 7/10    
  Apocalypse World War II


Kenji Kawai 6/10    
  Arabian Nights   Richard Harvey 7/10 QC  
  Armageddon 01 Trevor Rabin 8/10    
  The Avengers 01 Joel McNeely 6/10    
  Baby Boy 20 David Arnold 5/10 QC  


Steve Jablonsky

5/10 QC  
  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Thomas Newman


  Big Trouble in Little China   Carpenter/Howarth


  Black Knight 22 Randy Edelman 4/10    
  Black Scorpion 20 David G. Russell
Kevin Kiner
4/10 QC  
  Brave Hearts Umizaru 24 Naoki Sato 8/10 QC  
  Cats & Dogs 20 John Debney 7/10    
  City of Angels   Gabriel Yared


  City of Joy    Ennio Morricone 5/10    
  The Corrupter   Carter Burwell 6/10    
  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon   Tan Dun 7/10 QC  


24 Jo Blankenburg 8/10 QC  
  End of Days   John Debney 3/10 QC  
  Enemy of the State 01 Trevor Rabin 3/10    
  Entrapment   Christopher Young


  From Hell 22 Trevor Jones 7/10    
  Ghost Ship 23 John Frizzell 6/10 QC  
  Gods and Generals 23 Edelman/ Frizzell 9/10 QC  
  Ice Age: Continental Drift 24 John Powell 6/10 QC  
  The In Crowd   Jeff Rona 6/10 QC  
  Into the Arms of Strangers    Lee Holdridge 6/10 QC  
  Jack the Bear 21 James Horner 4/10 QC  
  Joseph: King of Dreams   Danny Pelfrey 5/10 QC  
  Judge Dredd   Alan Silvestri


  K2: Music Inspired by the Film   Hans Zimmer


  K-Pax 21 Edward Shearmur 7/10 QC  
  Last of the Dogmen   David Arnold 7/10    
  Lonesome Dove   Basil Poledouris


  The Matrix Soundtrack   Various


  Message in a Bottle   Gabriel Yared 8/10    
  The Missouri Breaks    John Williams


  Music from the Batman Trilogy


Zimmer/ Howard 8/10    
  One True Thing   Cliff Edielman 7/10    
  Pay it Forward   Thomas Newman 5/10 QC  
  The Peacemaker   Hans Zimmer 8/10    
  Pleasantville 01 Randy Newman 7/10    
  The Possession 25 Anton Sanko 7/10    
  The Prince of Egypt 01 Hans Zimmer 9/10    
  The Red Violin   John Corigliano 6/10    
  The Replacements   John Debney 2/10   QC  

The Return of the Seven

  Elmer Bernstein


  Requiem for a Dream 22 Clint Mansell 5/10    
  Return to Paradise   Mark Mancina 9/10    
  Ride with the Devil    Mychael Danna 7/10 QC  
  Robocop: Prime Directives    Norman Orenstein 4/10    
  Rush Hour 2 21 Lalo Schifirin 7/10 QC  
  The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle   Mark Mothersbaugh 7/10 QC  
  Sally Hemmings   Joel McNeely 7/10 QC  
  Scary Movie   David Kitay 4/10 QC  
  The Score 20 Howard Shore 5/10    
  The Siege   Graeme Revell 3/10    
  Stepmom   John Williams 8/10    
  Thin Red Line   Hans Zimmer 7/10    
  Thirteen Ghosts   John Frizzell 5/10    
  The Thomas Crown Affair   Bill Conti 7/10    
  Up at the Villa   Pino Domaggio 7/10   QC  
  Up Close and Personal   Thomas Newman 8/10    
  Warriors of Virtue   Don Davis 8/10    
  What Lies Beneath   Alan Silvestri 5/10    
  White Oleander 23 Thomas Newman  4/10    
  White Squall   Jeff Rona  8/10    
  Wing Commander   Arnold & Kiner


  Wonder Boys   Christopher Young 4/10  QC  
  Xena: Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire    Joseph LoDuca 0/10   QC  


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