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The Replacements by John Debney

The Themes of Fall: The Music of Football and Film  - Tracksounds Special Feature

The Replacements

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The Replacements (Soundtrack) by John Debney

The Replacements
Composed by John Debney
Varese Sarabande Records (2000)

Rating: 2/10

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Listen to this soundclip of The ReplacementsFalco (366 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of The ReplacementsFootball: Replacements Style (353 kb)

More clips from The Replacements at


“If one is looking for music for an hour of attention-deficit-disorder, then THE REPLACEMENTS will do the trick.  If consistency is your desire, then you will no doubt be quickly searching for a "replacement" CD. ”

The Chaos Suite
Review by Christopher Coleman

Picking up where he seems to have left off from his work for MICHAEL JORDAN TO THE MAX, JOHN DEBNEY brings a strong dance-edge to the score for THE REPLACEMENTS. Preceded by a number of pop tunes from, predominantly, the Seventies and Eighties, we find ten tracks produced by Debney- ranging from the aggressive "The Dallas Game" (6) to the surprisingly sentimental "Falco" (7). The vast majority of the score selections are of a contemporary vein with strong synthesized rhythms, blaring guitars, loops and samples. The group Font 48 also performs several of Debney compositions.

Unfortunately, this soundtrack delivers about as much as the film. It is quirky, schizophrenic music is very difficult to listen to. While Debney's skills as a composer can hardly be doubted with scores like CUTTHROAT ISLAND to his credit, it is difficult to reconcile such works as THE REPLACEMENTS with his obvious abilities.  That said, given the type of movie THE REPLACEMENTS is, its hard to lay all the blame on the composer.

Beyond the ultimate soundtrack faux pas of mixing score tracks with source tracks, THE REPLACEMENTS features several tracks that switch genre's faster than a Peyton Manning audible.  Things jump from trip hop to modern rock to dance in a single track and that is just too much to ask of any listener.  Like coach used say, "Better to give me short tracks than suites of chaos."

For those looking for a score-nugget or two, . .  well happy digging.  There are only a couple of moments that might be worth lifting from the sifter.  There are moments in "The Dallas Game" (6) that contain the sort of tension and drive that one would anticipate in a football score.  Unfortunately, contemporary-injections of electric guitars and grungy-synths push the piece over the edge of enjoyment.    The following track, "Falco" (7) is a quite and sentimental piece comprised of strings, woodwinds, and piano. Score-wise, it is easily the most "listenable."  Concluding the soundtrack is "Martell Crossed" which reprises the thoughtful, Falco theme.  Inexplicably the track actually goes silent for some 33 seconds before a painful and uncredited vocal tune launches.  Why these weren't split into two separate tracks is another mystery.

While THE REPLACEMENTS might have succeeded at being just the type of football film it was intended to be, it certainly was not helped much by its accompanying music.  The use of source music from the 70s and 80s and a couple of minutes of embraceable score is not enough to save this effort.  If one is looking for music for an hour of indulging a bit of Attention deficit disorder then THE REPLACEMENTS will do the trick.  If consistency and pleasure are your desires, then you will no doubt be quickly searching for a "replacement" CD.

Rating: 2/10


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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 The Replacements Remix 5:48  *
2 I Don't Want To Be Your Girlfriend - Kelli Owens 3:29  **
3 Second Chance - Bret Domrose 4:10  *
4 Bust A Move - Young MC 4:25  **
5 I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor 7:54  **
6 The Dallas Game 2:00  **
7 Falco 2:50  ***
8 Strikebreakers - Font 48 6:12  **
9 Wild Yam/The Look in Your Eyes 4:19  ***
10 R.O.W.D.I.E./Sample Play - Font 48 1:38  *
11 Chicks Dig Scars 2:11  *
12 Training Camp 1:35  *
13 Football: Replacements Style 3:50  *
14 Rock And Roll Part II - Gary Glitter 3:00  **
15 Falco Chases The Play 2:30  *
16 Martel Crossed 4:02  **

Total Running Time

59 minutes  




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