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The In Crowd by Jeff Rona

Composed and Produced by Jeff Rona
Released by Silkscreen Records November 2000


The dark, psycho-thriller, The In Crowd revolves around the unscrupulous antics of a group of rich, young people at an oceanside resort.  Composer Jeff Rona's score for the film is fittingly laden with edgy rhythms, loops,  and digital samples and reflects the overall tone of the film nicely.

The In Crowd is a fairly compelling fusion of rock, electronica, and ambient elements- compelling, if your musical palette has a place for this sort of music.  The score has certainly been crafted to reflect the youthful and somewhat demented activities of the film and will likely have its greatest appeal to those of the younger set.

The score for the The In Crowd winds its way from dance rhythms to spacious synths and back again.  Cue after cue is filled with either pounding bass, expansive strings, ominous melodies, or various combinations thereof.  One of the more intriguing innovations is a bit that sounds as though the record is skipping.  Just before reaching over to blow the dust off of my needle, I realized...ah yes, this is a CD.  Very clever, Mr. Rona.


The Bottom Line

The In Crowd displays Jeff Rona's great command of and creativity with today's cutting-edge technology in music.  Two important notes must be made here.  One, this soundtrack is not of the stereo-typical Media Ventures variety:  large choruses,  catchy melodies, or heart-racing action cues.  Two,
The In Crowd is not like anything I have heard Jeff Rona produce to date.  Mood and mindset are paramount in being able to fully enjoy this album in its entirety.  

Fans of composer Graeme Revell might find that the The In Crowd is of particular interest, especially fans of Red Planet.  Jeff Rona fans looking for his next White Squall will have to continue to hold their collective breath as The In Crowd is of a completely different variety.



Rating: 6/10



 Composition 6/10

 CD Length


Silk Screen Records