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The Prince of Egypt by Hans Zimmer
and Steven Schwartz

Faith and Film Music - The Music and the Meaning

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The Prince of Egypt (Soundtrack) by Hans Zimmer

The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Composed by Hans Zimmer
Dreamworks Records

Rating: 9/10

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Listen to this soundclip of The Prince of EgyptDeliver Us (425 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of The Prince of EgyptThe Burning Bush (420 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of The Prince of EgyptDeath of the First-born (436 kb)

More clips from The Prince of Egypt at


“No small part of the critical and commercial success of THE PRINCE OF EGYPT was the film's award winning music.  A combination of evocative score and inspirational vocal numbers, the soundtrack helps to carve the film's highs and lows and propels the epic story forward and is also an entertaining stand-alone listen.”

How Do You Tell the Worth of a Score?
by Christopher Coleman

Dreamworks SKG Pictures debut film might have been many different types of films, but the choice making it a animated feature film may have been the most intriguing of choices.  Investing some four years of development and production time into an animated film is something we might expect from the king of western animation, Disney, but upstart new-studio-on-the-block, Dreamworks SKG?  Well, with founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen such an auspicious launch isn't really so surprising.

The producers pulled out all the stops with an all-star cast for voice talent like: Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Sandra Bulloch, and Jeff Goldblum, teams of the best background artists, traditional and computer animators all signing on to the project.  Oscar winning composers Steven Schwartz and Hans Zimmer were brought on to provide the score and vocal pieces.  With a line up like that, how could they miss?

Well, they didn't miss.  THE PRINCE OF EGYPT was critically praised and commercially successful.  The film distanced itself from the ever-thinning productions coming out of Disney Studios, not only in regards to the subject matter, but in its depth and detail.  On every front, THE PRINCE OF EGYPT succeeded and, even with the great advances in computer technology since its debut, remains a true triumph in animation a decade later.

No small part of the critical and commercial success of THE PRINCE OF EGYPT was the film's award winning music.  A combination of evocative score and inspirational vocal numbers, the soundtrack helps to carve the film's highs and lows and propels the epic story forward.  At the same time, the music remains an entertaining stand-alone listen.  The score's backbone is forged upon a handful of memorable themes crafted by Schwartz and Zimmer.

It's been well documented that Hans Zimmer was hardly alone in his duties for this score.  Just about every member of the Media Ventures crew has a credit line:  John Powell, Gavin Greenway, Harry Gregson-Williams, Jeff Rona.  They are all in there and this score of such richness and variety clearly demonstrates it.  That said, just as the soundtrack does, we'll give the main credit to Zimmer for writing his portion of the score.

Visually, THE PRINCE OF EGYPT has many moments of power and wonder which the animators, directors, and producers have depicted in stunning fashion.  Hans Zimmer matches their brilliance with his accompanying score. Suffice it to say that the best scenes are matched with the best pieces of music. "The Burning Bush" and "The Red Sea" are probably the two most recognizable events of Moses’ early life and Hans Zimmer masterfully scores these occurrences with majestic and miraculous melodies deserving of such powerful images.  Prominent within these two tracks is Zimmer's "God" or "Miracle" theme.  Played gloriously on light synthesizers or vocalized by choir or powerfully belted out by full orchestra, it is one of those pieces of music that stays with the audience long after departing the theater or pressing the stop-button.

Composer Steven Schwartz's contributions are nothing to shake a staff at either.  For the PRINCE OF EGYPT, he exceeds his double-Oscar-winning-work for POCAHONTAS.  Schwartz devises a number of catchy themes that go beyond their vocal performances.  "Deliver Us" (2),  "All I Ever Wanted" (5) and "When You Believe" (1, 14) all contain major themes that Zimmer and company then integrate throughout the score.  ["When You Believe" went on to earn Steven Schwartz the Oscar for Best Original Song.]   Further, Schwartz's "Through Heaven's Eyes" (7) and "Playing with the Big Boys Now" (9) are entertainingly stand-out pieces in their own right.  So whether its Zimmer or Schwartz being heard to at any given moment of the film or soundtrack, the music is just plain solid and a delight to listen to.

THE PRINCE OF EGYPT is really a return to the type of music once churned out by the dozens in years gone by: bold fanfares, powerful marches, balanced by intimate melodies.  For fans of the music from Disney classics such as THE LITTLE MERMAID, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST or THE LION KING, THE PRINCE OF EGYPT will hardly disappoint. The score performs flawlessly within the film itself and garners a 10/10 in that respect.  But for a couple pop songs two many, this soundtrack would have received that same rating. 

For the complete score, two more tracks can be found on THE PRINCE OF EGYPT: COLLECTORS EDITION (out of print, but circulating the internet auction market).   Read more on this edition


Rating: 9/10


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Track Title Track Time  Rating

The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe) *



Deliver Us



The Reprimand


4 Following Tzipporah 1:00  ****

All I Ever Wanted (with Queen's reprise)



Goodbye Brother



Through Heaven's Eyes


8 The Burning Bush



Playing with the Big Boys







0:42  ****

The Plagues


13 Death of the First Born 1:06  *****

When You Believe

4:55  *****
15 Red Sea 5:14  *****
16 Through Heaven's Eyes* 5:05  ***
17 River Lullaby* 3:57  ***
18 Humanity* 4:32  ***
19 I Will Get There* 4:20  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 75 minutes  




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