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The Path of Neo by Tobias Enhus

Return of the Matrix - Tracksounds Special Feature

The Path of Neo

The Path of Neo (Video Game) for Playstation 2

Also available for:









Curse of the Golden Flower (Soundtrack) by Shigeru Umebayashi

The Path of Neo
Composed by Tobias Enhus, Juno Reactor, Amon Tobin, Junkie XL, The Crystal Method
Promo Release (2005)

Rating: 7/10



Due to legalities no clips of this release are available.


“In the end, THE PATH OF NEO is a very entertaining listen.  It is distinctive from any other Matrix-score, yet keeps clearly tethered to franchise.”

Jacked Back In
Review by Christopher Coleman

Back in 2003, The Matrix was everywhere.  One of the many releases from the franchise was it's first game, ENTER THE MATRIX.  The hype machine was on full-blast that year for anything attached to the new mega-franchise.  For some, neither of the feature film sequels or the game quick lived up to expectations.  In regards to the game, the complaints were many, but few, if any, revolved around Don Davis' and Erik Lundborg's work for the score.  Playing side characters like Ghost and Niobe was not what gamers were after.  They had fantasized about playing the roles of the main characters, Morpheus, Trinity and of course, Neo.

Fast forward to 2005 and the Wachowski Brothers heard the cries of the people.  The second game release would be centered on Thomas Anderson's journey to becoming Neo, the One, which was chronicled in the trilogy.  Also connected with some of the stories of THE ANIMATRIX, developer, Shiney's, latest matrix game, THE PATH NEO was met with much more acceptance and critical acclaim than it's predecessor.  One of the striking difference in THE PATH OF NEO from any other major release from the franchise, was its departure from having composer Don Davis' score as a major part of the accompanying soundtrack.  THE PATH OF NEO would wind in a slightly different direction.

Composer TOBIAS ENHUS, who had already worked on portions of the music from the feature films, and assisted in the role of musical supervisor, was brought in to not only write portions of the score for the new game, but to coordinate the work of some of the other composers and musicians from the trilogy.  Juno Reactor, Junkie XL, The Crystal Method and others from electronica genre were brought on board to contribute to the musical texture of THE PATH OF NEO.   Tobias Enhus writing several of the pieces directly also worked with the other composers in bringing a consistency to their diverse talents.  Sampling some of the live orchestral performances used in ENTER THE MATRIX, Enhus and crew began moving down a new musical path - a path which would maintain the same synthesized vibe established with the combination of orchestral score with electronica source music first heard in THE MATRIX. 

THE PATH OF NEO leans toward the electronica side than it does the live orchestral.  For those who enjoyed the work of Juno Reactor and Rob Dougan's for THE MATRIX RELOADED or moreover the harder-core selections from the likes of Linkin Park, The Deftones, or Rage Against the Machine, will find quite a bit to enjoy in this game's score. 

Given the type of score THE PATH OF NEO is, there is certainly a large audience that would find the music appealing for successive listens a part from the game itself.  Those who connect with the sub-genre's of big beats, psychodelic-trance, or hard-rock-hip-hop-blends, will find a lot to like here.  The soundtrack opens with a rousing piece by Tobias Enhus which features samples of Davis score from ENTER THE MATRIX, but is merely one element of countless others.  A myriad of percussion and low-freq, industrial eruptions fill the track as brass and voices ascend.  Continued echoes and reverberations reinforce the some of the foundational ideas first introduced in Don Davis' works.  Such characteristics can be found throughout this release.   In "Mega Smith" (19) we get a dose of the familiar brass flutters used frequently in the films' action-scenes.

Beyond the connections to Don Davis' work, the involvement of artists such as Juno Reactor also bring additional musical, tie-ins to the other Matrix projects.  Two untitled and uncredited tracks (3, 20) on the promo release function as Rage Against the Machine's contributions to THE MATRIX and THE MATRIX RELOADED.  The two tracks feature a primarily-acoustic band with strong lead guitar and aggressive and sometimes raspy vocals...complete with expletives (track 20).   Possibly the only electronica artist who didn't "jack back in" for this project was Rob Dougan, who, unfortunately had a scheduling conflict.

In the end, THE PATH OF NEO is a very entertaining listen.  It is distinctive from any other Matrix-score, yet keeps clearly tethered to franchise. From the expansive intrigue of the opening track to the 1980's-video-game-inspired, "Retro Kung Fu (Training)", to the climactic "Mega Smith" Tobias Enhus and co.'s work is a detailed synthesis of the live orchestral work from previous Matrix scores with layer upon layer of electronic rhythms and instrumentation.  The score for THE PATH OF NEO was slated to be released by Lakeshore Records back in 2005/2006, but negotiations broke down between the artists and the label.  Unfortunately, there are now no plans for a future release of this soundtrack.  So as far as the Oracle can see, to enjoy this score, you are going to have to continue to walk Neo's path.

Rating: 7/10


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Track Title Track Time Rating
1 Main Theme (Tobias Enhus) 3:04  ****
2 Lobby Dream (Tobias Enhus, Juno Reactor) 3:18  ****
3 Untitled Track #1 2:22  ***
4 Government Building (Rob Bennet, Tobias Enhus) 3:27  ***
5 Japanese Winter Training (Photek, Tobias Enhus) 2:35  ****
6 Retro Kung Fu Training (Tobias Enhus) 1:57  *****
7 Lafayette Hotel (Tobias Enhus, Meat Beat Manifesto, H. Scott Salinas) 2:29  ***
8 Roof Top (Tobias Enhus) 1:27  ***
9 Industry Hall (Amon Tobin) 1:41  ***
10 Subway Showdown (Tobias Enhus, The Crystal Method) 4:22  ***
11 Free Your Mind (The Crystal Method) 3:10  ***
12 Industrial Fight (Tobias Enhus) 3:04  ****
13 Club Scene (Junkie XL, Tobias Enhus) 1:23  ***
14 Tea House (Tobias Enhus, Photec) 2:11  ***
15 Burly Brawl (Tobias Enhus, Juno Reactor) 2:53  ***
16 Red Pill Rescue (Tobias Enhus, Junkie XL) 1:21  ****
17 Supermarket (Tobias Enhus, Adam Shiff, Marcus Brown) 0:50  **
18 Super Brawl (Tobias Enhus, Juno Reactor) 0:36  ***
19 Mega Smith (Tobias Enhus, Mark Kilian) 0:42  ****
20 Untitled Track # 2 0:25  **

Total Running Time

46 minutes  




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