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Last Resort by Robert Duncan

Last Resort

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Last Resort (Soundtrack) by Robert Duncan











Last Resort (Soundtrack) by Robert Duncan

Last Resort
Composed by Robert Duncan
Madison Gate Records (2013)

Rating: 8/10

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“ROBERT DUNCAN is evidently quite comfortable both emulating the action scores of modern-day Hollywood and creating great emotional depth, and LAST RESORT is a score that has allowed him to explore both areas extensively. ”

Emotional Depth...Charges
Review by Richard Buxton

Despite ticking all of the modern day TV drama boxes and applying them to an unfamiliar, intense, and thrilling high-concept premise and setting, ABC’s LAST RESORT only lasted a single season in today’s cutthroat television industry. The singular single season follows the crew of the USS Colorado - declared enemies of their own nation after defying orders to launch a nuclear attack on Pakistan - as they struggle to uncover a government conspiracy while fighting for their lives and justice on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Scored by prolific television composer ROBERT DUNCAN (CASTLE, THE UNIT, BUFFY), LAST RESORT meets all of the requirements one could set for a military conspiracy drama. The score could quite easily be mistaken for a major Hollywood film production with the grandiose percussion of “Battling the USS Patrick Lawrence” (11), deeply affecting sentimental strings of “Fall of the Colorado” (1), and conflicted patriotism of “Officer on Deck” (3). LAST RESORT has a comprehensively sweeping and theatrical energy that seems to have gone missing somewhat from television scores in recent years.

The setting and premise of the show are particularly ambitious in an industry that has recently shown little desire to stray beyond safe, yet still remains in the boundaries of what audiences expect from military dramas today. DUNCAN’S score follows suit in providing thrilling, but frequently familiar action music. The latter stages of “Pilot Suite” (2), “James Tells the Story (8), and “Get Our People Back” (14) are all driven by propulsive string ostinatos that would sound at home in almost any action thriller Hollywood has produced in the last five years.

Where LAST RESORT truly excels however is away from the gunfire and aggression, and in the stirring emotions of a crew struggling against a nation they swore to protect. The heartrending 4-note theme heard in “Fall of the Colorado” (1) is subtly scattered throughout the score in various forms - “Time to Choose” (17) for example - and subsequently remains effective without unwarranted repetition. Beside “Fall of the Colorado”, “Declaration” (15) is arguably the apex of the score’s emotional core with its rousing string ostinatos and striking piano chords forever accumulating into an uplifting climax. “The Waterfall” (10) explores a more exotic landscape, and a side to the score that is sadly developed to a limited degree considering the show’s primary setting.

ROBERT DUNCAN is evidently quite comfortable both emulating the action scores of modern-day Hollywood and creating great emotional depth, and LAST RESORT is a score that has allowed him to explore both areas extensively.

Rating: 8/10


Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Fall of the Colorado 3:53  *****
2 Pilot Suite 2:12  ****
3 Officer on Deck 1:52  ****
4 Manila Rescue 1:23  ****
5 The Peacock and the Crane 3:00  ***
6 Sam Attacks Booth 1:03  ***
7 Twelve Hours 2:41  ****
8 James Tells the Story 0:55  ****
9 Marcus Sees His Son 1:29  ***
10 The Waterfall 0:58  ****
11 Battling the USS Patrick Lawrence 2:19  ****
12 About Your Father 1:02  ***
13 Reluctant Fight 1:05  ***
14 Get Our People Back 1:14  ****
15 Declaration 2:34  *****
16 Sam and Christine 1:00  ****
17 Time to Choose 1:25  ****
18 Ginger Candy 1:45  ***
19 Trying Anders 2:57  ****
20 James Buries His Friend 3:16  ****
21 The Cortez Threat 1:11  ***
22 Last Resort End Credits 1:50  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 40 minutes  


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