The Gospel of John (soundtrack) by Kyle Eastwood & Michael Stevens



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The Gospel of John by Jeff Danna

Faith and Film Music - The Music and the Meaning

The Gospel of John on DVD








The Gospel of John (Soundtrack) by Jeff Danna

The Gospel of John
Composed by Jeff Danna
Varèse Sarabande Records (2003)

Rating: 6/10

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Listen to this soundclip of The Gospel of JohnFor God So Love the World

Listen to this soundclip of The Gospel of JohnPilate's Dilemma

More clips from The Gospel of John at


“ impression is that the music from THE GOSPEL OF JOHN was never meant to take center stage—the effect is very typical of the musical “wallpaper” that most documentaries employ.”

The Gospel According to Danna
Review by Steve Townsley

Jeff Danna has been slowly reaching the ears of movie audiences with his music. Never bombastic or overstated, Danna’s style is rather minimal in comparison to more widely known composers of large-scale blockbusters. With that in mind, Danna is something of a rarity on the soundtrack shelves. His scores are often for smaller, more personal projects (with an occasional exception here and there, e.g., Resident Evil, Silent Hill), and much of his repertoire includes television and video projects, rather than big-screen productions.

THE GOSPEL OF JOHN, is a docudrama of the Easter story. The impression one gets from the film is that it is something you might catch on a History-of-the-Bible television special, perhaps on the Discovery Channel. The score is something that you come to through having seen the film, or possibly by chance. I’ll note here that I happened upon this album in a retail store a couple years ago, merely out of curiosity for the composer’s work, and I purchased it based on the strength of the sound clips that I heard. The clips that I heard included a stirring theme as well as ethnic-flavored wind music, and some female vocals. I’m not certain what made this unique from every other Bible-genre film score written, except that as an enthusiast of film music on the whole, I was intrigued enough to hear what Jeff Danna had to contribute to the genre.

The first track, “For God So Loved the World”, really sets the pace for what to expect from the album. The music within is fairly thematic, and returns often to the same theme, (as you might expect from a docudrama). There is the requisite “Jesus” theme, and plenty of authentic era music that helps set up the atmosphere.

Despite the rather repetitive nature of the album, this does not make THE GOSPEL OF JOHN an unpleasant listen, though there are few tracks that stand-out from the whole of the album. There are still some that do, however. Track 6, “Pilate’s Dilemma” is one of the more action-packed cue in the entire album, so it grabs the listener’s attention—but it is not particularly notable otherwise, except to announce impending drama and urgency. This “urgency” music is revisited in the latter half of the score. Track 10, which serves as a good mid-point for the entire album features “The Prayer”, which is an extremely lovely vocal-anding piece, which I am certain must have been one of the sound clips that inspired me to pick up this album.

Overall, my impression is that the music from THE GOSPEL OF JOHN was never meant to take center stage—the effect is very typical of the musical “wallpaper” that most documentaries employ. Danna’s talent keeps this score from being too dry, though it does not particularly stand out in the genre, either. I enjoy this score, as a listener, but I think that not many will find it particularly engaging.

Rating: 6/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 For God So Loved the World 4:17  ***
2 I Am the Bread of Life 3:18  **
3 The Road Through Samaria 2:59  **
4 Mary Washes Jesus’ Feet 3:20  ***
5 Here Comes Your King 1:39  **
6 Pilate’s Dilemma 3:07  **
7 The Lamb of God 3:17  **
8 Jesus and Nicodemus 2:11  ****
9 You Will Not Find Me 2:03  ***
10 The Prayer 1:18  ****
11 Solomon’s Porch 2:55  **
12 One of You is a Devil 2:55  *
13 The Betrayal 4:22  *
14 What is Truth? 4:22  *
15 The Ruler of This World 4:22  **
16 Jesus at the Temple 4:22  **
17 Cast Your Nets 4:22  **
18 Follow Me 4:22  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 53 minutes  




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