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Enter the Matrix by Don Davis and
Erik Lundborg

Return of the Matrix - Tracksounds Special Feature

Enter the Matrix

Enter the Matrix (Video Game)








Enter the Matrix (Soundtrack) by Don Davis and Erik Lundborg

Enter the Matrix
Composed by Don Davis and Erik Lundborg
Promo Release (2003)

Rating: 7/10



Listen to this soundclip of The Mars UndergroundIn My Path...You're Dead (303 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of The Mars UndergroundEat this, Jerk! (311 kb)

Listen to this soundclip of The Mars UndergroundZen Garden (362kb)



“Suffice it to say that the score from ENTER THE MATRIX will likely satisfy the those who truly appreciate Don Davis' work for the franchise.  It contains most all of the same beats and textures yet remains distinct enough to warrant a separate listen...if you can obtain one of the rare promos. ”

Playing in The Matrix
Review by Christopher Coleman

Ok.  Let's admit it.  It wasn't long after first seeing 1999's THE MATRIX that many of us thought, "How cool would it be to be able to play around in The Matrix?  Fight like a Shaolin master, fly like Superman, or bounce off concrete like Wiley Coyote?  Oh yeah!  Sure...we might have to be a pale, hairless battery in exchange for such e-powers, but still, how cool would that be?"

In continuing to push the envelope of interactive story-telling, the Wachowskis, while working on the sequels to the original Matrix film, were also involved in the production of THE ANIMATRIX, a series of animated shorts released directly do DVD, and ENTER THE MATRIX, the first video game of the franchise.  Unique to this franchise was their choice to integrate sem-important beats of the story that playout in the animated shorts and game, both before the events of THE MATRIX RELOADED and then in parallel.  This move was a first in getting plot information out, through such mediums, that directly tied into a feature film which had yet to be released.

While ENTER THE MATRIX was poorly received by the gaming community in terms of its gaming dynamics, several important story points are played out.  The cut-scenes used in the game were filmed in 35 mm and later included in the DVD release of The Matrix Reloaded Revisted and in the HD-DVD release of The Ultimate Matrix Collection.  While the game's story centers around the characters of Ghost and Niobe, who have smaller parts in THE MATRIX RELOADED, we also get information regarding other key characters like:  The Oracle, the Merovingian, Persephone, and Sati.

One of the striking characteristics of the Matrix movie franchise has been the unique mix of Don Davis' punchy score with penetrating electronica/metal tracks.  The game developers wisely continued this combination with measured success throughout the game.  The full soundtrack of the game contained many licensed electronica pieces by familiar artists such as:  Rob Dougan and Juno Reactor, both contributing significantly to the sound of the films; however, most these tracks are hard, if not impossible to come by.  For the orchestrally-inclined, there is this promo release of over 45 minutes of original score by Don Davis and Erik Lundborg.

The promo release contains 25 tracks of orchestral tracks - many originally composed by Don Davis, but finally arranged by Erik Lundborg.  It has been reported that Don Davis simply found himself a bit overwhelmed with writing music for the sequels and for THE ANIMATRIX, let alone another full score for this video game.  In stepped Erik Lundborg, long-time arranger for Davis, a natural and good choice.  Obviously with 45 minutes of music being divided by 25 tracks, there aren't a lot of long cues. There is only one track over 4 minutes in length and the last nine tracks are all under 1 minute, but the CD works well-enough when listened through from start to finish.

For ENTER THE MATRIX Lundborg had to incorporate and extend Davis' work from THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX RELOADED, and "'Final Flight of the Osiris." - from THE ANIMATRIX. The success of the music experience here is not only due to Lundborg's extensive previous experience with arranging Don Davis scores but also blending his own creative talents into the tapestry...or musical grid, as it were.  In the final analysis, within ENTER THE MATRIX we get just about all of the musical elements we'd expect.  Davis' patented sound (postmodern brass flitterings and layered blasts, ascending motifs, all in tow) for the franchise is carried over without a hitch, yet with just enough variation and freshness to make it a worthwhile listen.  Credit has to be given to Lundborg for arranging and conducting a different orchestra, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, to deliver a sound that is close, though not as bright, as the performances in The Matrix Reloaded or The Matrix Revolutions.

Suffice it to say that the score from ENTER THE MATRIX will likely satisfy the those who truly appreciate Don Davis' work for the franchise.  It contains most all of the same beats and textures yet remains distinct enough to warrant a separate listen...if you can obtain one of the rare promos.  While the game itself proved to be less than satisfactory, probably due the rush to get it out the door in time, the time constraint didn't impair Lundborg from delivering a high quality score for it.

Rating: 7/10


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Track Title Track Time Rating
1 Kick Jab Stab 3:04  ****
2 Get Out of My Face 3:18  ****
3 In My Path...You're Dead 2:22  ****
4 Eat This, Jerk 3:27  ****
5 You Don't Scare Me Bucko 2:35  ***
6 I Do Not Like You 1:57  ***
7 Fist Fight 2:29  ***
8 Smelly Sewer 1:27  ***
9 Be Prepared 1:41  ***
10 A Sickening Feeling 4:22  ***
11 Somethin's Wrong 3:10  ***
12 Uh. Oh...What's That? 3:04  ***
13 Stuck in the Mud - Escape 1:23  ***
14 What Fresh Hell is This? 2:11  ****
15 Not Agent Smith...Again? 2:53  ***
16 Zen Garden 1:21  ****
16 The Big Distraction 0:50  ***
16 Elevator is a Trap 0:36  **
16 Tear Gas 0:42  ***
16 Piano Escape 0:25  **
16 Swat to Phone 0:33  **
16 No Rest for the Wicked 0:47  ***
16 Merovigian's Office 0:37  ***
16 Attie Opens 0:27  ***
16 Going to Church 0:52  ***

Total Running Time

46 minutes  




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