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Chasing Ghosts by Scott Glasgow

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (Soundtrack) by Scott Glasgow






Other Soundtracks
by Scott Glasgow

Chasing Ghosts

Robotech:  The Shadow Chronicles


Chasing Ghosts (Soundtrack) by Scott Glasgow

Chasing Ghosts
Composed by Scott Glasgow
MovieScore Media

Rating: 6/10

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Listen to this soundclip of Chasing GhostsSWAT Raid (400kb)

Listen to this soundclip of Chasing GhostsTaylor Meets Davies (332 kb) CHASING GHOSTS, there are those moments that appropriately descend into the range of morbid-nothingness; however, there are many of fiery intensity and subdued beauty scattered throughout the soundtrack.

The Unusual Suspects
Review by Christopher Coleman

Over the last couple of years, newcomer-label, MovieScore Media has been behind the release of a number of listen-worthy soundtracks that might not have otherwise seen the light of day.  Into MovieScore Media's growing catalog comes CHASING GHOSTS by Scott Glasgow.

CHASING GHOSTS, the film, isn't really a supernatural-thriller as much as it is another cop-with-a-painful-unresolved-past-story.  Even if the story is a bit of a rehash a la mishmash, bearing a strong similarity to the work of director David Fincher, CHASING GHOSTS, does offer some visual appeal.  While DVD buyers and renters may take a passing look at the film, it might be well worth the film-music-inclined to have a pause when it comes to Scott Glasgow's score for CHASING GHOSTS.

Now, one would likely expect yet another wall-to-wall, atonal, post-modern musical affair for a film like CHASING GHOSTS.  Additionally, with a direct-to-video budget, one might further expect that the score would be devastatingly constrained down to intangible, synthesized nightmare-scapes.  I'd say that wasn't the best of combinations when it comes to expecting an entertaining film score to listen to.  Well, in CHASING GHOSTS, there are those moments that appropriately descend into the range of morbid-nothingness; however, there are many of fiery intensity and subdued beauty scattered throughout the soundtrack.  So CHASING GHOSTS rises above the faults of the "usual suspects" when it comes to films of this type.  The question is, "Is it good enough for a stand-alone listening experience?"

With a total running time of some 68 minutes, there is a lot to listen to on Moviescore Media's release.  The "Main Title" (1) would seem to be setting the listener up for that expected film-noir trip, but 30 seconds in, things begin to change as Glasgow's intricate employment of strings begins to tell the listener that they're going to get more than they bargained for.  The second cue is one of the most intense and likewise, one of the best.  "SWAT Raid" (2) is ripe with intensity as Glasgow takes a page from the Elliot Goldenthal book of intriguing music cues.  Powerful brass, adrenaline-filled strings, and lumbering timpani give the cue serious backbone.  The next track, Interrogation for Viola and Orchestra (3) might also start a little bleak, but by the time it concludes, Glasgow as developed it into a stirring piece - reminiscent of Hans Zimmer's work in THIN RED LINE, HANNIBAL or THE DA VINCI CODE.   Track 4, "Parents" provides nice contrast as it is a simple piano theme backed by subtle synths.   Next, "Captains Orders" (5) returns to the realm of the quasi-sublime with menacing, echoing strings. Things do take a turn toward "the expected" with the dark and dank "Flashback and Muder Chaconne;" however, following on its heals is "Taylor Meets Davies" (7) where the parents-theme is brought back and romantically heightened.  With two more tracks of note, "Crossing the Bridge" and "Harrison," the first half of the soundtrack comes to an entertaining conclusion.

It is at the start of the second half of the soundtrack where things become comparatively non-descript.  While Scott Glasgow does manage to subtly quote some of his main themes, tracks 10 - 19 do become a bit wearisome. The return of the SWAT team, brings back some much needed intensity, however.  From track 20, "SWAT Brief" through "Warehouse Chase" (23), the film reaches its climax and the music has the energy to match.  CHASING GHOSTS finishes on a somewhat reflective note (with the exception of "Totentanze").

One's level appreciation of CHASING GHOSTS' score will depend largely upon how much one delights in the dark and aggressive side of film music, but not exclusively. Even for those who aren't so keen on the edgy-stuff, Glasgow does deliver a number of strong thematic elements that transcend the film for which they were composed.  Without at doubt, CHASING GHOSTS makes it pretty clear that Scott Glasgow has what it takes to deliver the goods outside of the film-noir genre. For those missing the film contributions of Elliot Goldenthal or even Don Davis, CHASING GHOSTS and Scott Glasgow will likely have something to offer you.

Rating: 6/10

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Track Title Track Time  Rating
1 Main Title 4:17  ***
2 SWAT Raid 3:18  ****
3 Interrogation for Violin and Orchestra 2:59  ****
4 Parents 3:20  ***
5 Captain's Orders 1:39  ****
6 Flashback and Murder Chaconne 3:07  **
7 Taylor Meets Davies 3:17  ***
8 Crossing the Bridge 2:11  ***
9 Harrison 2:03  ***
10 Handstamp Murder 1:18  **
11 Autopsy 2:55  **
12 Looking at Photos 2:55  **
13 Rain Talk 1:12  ***
14 The Sting Op 4:51  ***
15 Meet Taylor 1:35  ***
16 Spencer 1:55  **
17 Meatlocker Murders 2:46  **
18 Taylor's Apt. 1:20  ***
19 Return to the Club 1:43  **
20 SWAT Brief 1:13  ****
21 Descent into Maelstrom 2:06  ***
22 Warehouse Chase 5:12  ***
23 Lament 2:18  ***
24 Santiago 1:04  ***
25 Totentanze 3:32  **
26 Karis 3:25  ***
  Total Running Time (approx) 68 minutes  




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