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News Archive:  October 2001

 Hello Harry!- October 30, 2001

Well all the hype...all the talk was silenced today...at least for 73 minutes and 27 seconds!  Now Potter-talk goes into high gear.  What does Tracksounds think of the newly unwrapped Williams score? x 3

Check out Flashnotes on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

 Invisible Circus  - October 27, 2001

Cameron Diaz, you know.  What about composer Nick Laird-Clowes?  Trashmonk?  Yo La Tengo?

Flashnotes review of The Invisible Circus (sound clip)


In the Notes - October 25, 2001

The Dragon and the Hawk?  Not exactly Tan Dun material, but just what is this soundtrack like?

Check Flashnotes and find out


Bringer of Score - October 24, 2001

The full review of Vangelis latest project: Mythodea is available!

Read the review


Eternal Echoes - October 24, 2001

Scorcher by Bill BrownWatch part I of John Barry's interview regarding his latest release, Eternal Echoes, listen to sound clips, and more!

Click here for all that Barry goodness! 

Click here to enter Decca's contest giving a free copy of Eternal Echoes!

Flash: Burwell's Latest- October 22, 2001

The Coen Brothers defy convention again with their latest film, The Man Who Wasn't There and collaborating with them is composer Carter Burwell.

Read the Flashnotes on this Oct. 30 release

Sunday in the Notes- October 20, 2001

James Venable earns the difficult task of scoring Kevin Smith's comedy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  Is this soundtrack for you? 

Find out.


Gettin' Sorta Spacey- October 19, 2001

Flashnotes on Edward Shearmur's K-Pax. Two Soundclips for your listening pleasure!  Also added is The Yards by Howard Shore.

Reading is fundamental...


The Best is Here!- October 18, 2001

With almost three months left in 2001 and some significant releases yet to hit the shelves, Tracksounds says the wait is over! Check the grand opening of Flashnotes for the skinny on Vangelis' Mythodea - with soundclips that are sure to drop your jaw!  

Go now!

For Such a Time as This - Oct. 17, 2001

A full review of Jerry Goldsmith's inspirational score for The Last Castle is now available! 

Read the full review of The Last Castle

And the Winner is? - October 14, 2001

The Movie Caption ContestCongrats to Lancelot2075 for his winning entry for the Caption Contest #9!  Thanks to all the participants!  Check out the entries here.  Did you miss out?  Well, Caption #10 is underway!  Post a caption and win a soundtrack!


New JNH Project -  October 14, 2001

Scorcher by Bill BrownJames Newton-Howard and M. Night Shyamalan together gain!  In case you haven't heard, composer James Newton Howard is rumored to be scoring another M. Night Shyamalan flick!  For film music fans, this bodes well!  The film entitled "Signs" will star Mel Gibson. 
Check out the Signs' Unofficial Site


The Best of 2001?  - October 6, 2001

Will Howard Shore's score for Fellowship of the Ring be that good? 

Vote in the latest poll

John Williams begins Attack of the Clones - October 6, 2001

Star Wars News ItemJohn Williams begins Attack of the Clones!
starwars.com gives some insights to be score's beginnings.

Check it out.

"Tell him to shut up...SHUT UP!" - October 6, 2001

The final tally is in on your reactions to the use
of a vocal title song for Star Trek:  Enterprise. 
Check the results here.

Pop Open the Bubbly! - October 2, 2001

Check out the full review of John Ottman's Bubble Boy





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