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News Archive:  January 2002

The latest batch of Quick-Click reviews is online including:  Black Knight, From Hell, Requiem for a Dream, and Thirteen Ghosts.

Click here to check out Quick-Click Volume 22

The Voice -  January 26, 2002

From Cirque du Soleil to Ally MacBeal to A.I. Artificial Intelligence, vocalist Josh Groban's voice has been capturing the attention of millions.  If you enjoyed his powerful duet with Lara Fabian on A.I, then Groban's new album is a must!

Click here to check out Amazon.com's soundclips Here for Josh Groban's Site

Attack of the Clones Soundtrack News - January 24, 2002

On Wed., Jan. 23, 2002, Billboard.com reported the release of the original soundtrack to Star Wars:  Attack of the Clones would occur on April 30, 2002.  Sony Classical has confirmed that it will be releasing the soundtrack album on that date.

JWFAN.NET has also featured a number of insightful articles on the scoring sessions for Attack of the Clones at the Abbey Road Studios in London, England.

Click here to head on over and get all the luscious insider details!

Moulin Rouge Wins -  January 20, 2002

Congratulations to Craig Armstrong winner of the Golden Globe: Best original score for Moulin Rouge.  Also, "Until" (Kate & Leopold) by Sting wins for Best Song and A Beautiful Mind wins for Best Drama.

Click here to see all the 2001 Golden Globe Winners

Did They Get It Right?- January 20, 2002

 The "real" votes are in for Golden Globe: Best Score.  Check out the final tally to see if the winner also won our popular vote.  Don't forget to vote in the latest poll above, "What Score are you most looking forward to in 2002?"

Click here to see the final poll results

Doyle Park- January 20, 2002

The dark-comedy Gosford Park has been gotten high praise from film critics.  What about Patrick Doyle's music?

Click here to read the flashnotes on Gosford Park

Beware of Gangs!- January 19, 2002

If you haven't seen the trailer for Martin Scorsese's upcoming Gangs of New York (a sure Oscar contender), check it out!  The trailer makes good use of music from Glory! by James Horner.

Click here to view the Quicktime Trailer

American Journey - January 19, 2002

John Williams' latest release, American Journey, is much more than "Call of the Champions" the theme for the 2002 Winter Games in Utah...much, much more! x 4
Click here to read the full review

Flashin' the Wolf - January 19, 2002

Joseph LoDuca's score du trip, Brotherhood of the Wolf, gets the flash treatment. x 1

Click here to read the notes on Brotherhood of the Wolf

Collateral Damage CD Cover - January 16, 2002

Graeme Revell's score for Collateral Damage will be released in theatres on February 8, 2002, while the soundtrack will be released by Varese Sarabande on February 5, 2002. 

Larger Cover  |  More info. on Varese Sarabande  | 
Official Movie Site

The Journey Begins - January 14, 2002

John Williams highly anticipated compilation of Americana: Big Willie Style, American Journey, has been flashed.  Does Call of the Champions measure up to Williams' past triumphant, Olympic pieces?

Click here for the flashnotes on American Journey x 4

 Posthumus Remixed- January 16, 2002

Clive Czechov remixes ES Posthumus' "Tikal" from the ever-popular Unearthed.  Be warned it is a "trance" remix that takes its liberties with the original.

Click here to download the free mp3

Art of the Dragon - January 14, 2002

Kiss of the Dragon by Christopher ColemanThe latest entry into the Guest Showcase: 
Cover Art for Kiss of the Dragon

Click here to check out

Left Behind? - January 14, 2002

Hans Zimmer's latest score, Black Hawk Down, is one of the most difficult soundtracks to review in years!  Find out why.  x 4

Click here to read the full review of Black Hawk Down

The Beautiful Revisited- January 14, 2002

James Horner scores another small, but brilliant film.  Iris returns to the composers more under-utilized styles of the past. x 2

Click here to read the full review if Iris


 Flash the Mists - January 14, 2002

One 2001's hottest selling soundtracks, The Mists of Avalon, gets flashed.

Click here to read the notes on The Mists of Avalon

Quick-Click Vol. 21 - January 14, 2002

Volume 21 includes reviews of 61* by Marc Shaiman, Jack the Bear by James Horner, K-Pax by Edward Shearmur, and Rush Hour 2 by Lalo Schifirin.

Click here to check out Quick-Click Volume 21

Emotion & Strength - January 13, 2002

Milan releases Maurice Jarre:  The Emotion and the Strength.  Check out the flashnotes on this double-disc compilation of one of Hollywood's most talented film composers.

Click here to read the flashnotes

Big Bernstein - January 13, 2002

Prometheus records makes Elmer Bernstein's Big Jake available for the first time!

Click here to read the flashnotes on Big Jake

Two for One - January 13, 2002

Both Carmine Coppola's and Georges Delerue's majestic scores for The Black Stallion and The Return of Black Stallion are released together on one must-have disc.

Click here to read the flashnotes on The Black Stallion

Craig Armstrong Wins!- January 5, 2002

Congratulations to composer Craig Armstrong on being named The American Film Institute's (AFI)  2001 Composer of the Year
for his score to Moulin Rouge!

Click here to see the rest of the 2001 AFI Winners

Minding His Business - January 5, 2002

The full review of composer James Horner's Golden Globe nominated score, A Beautiful Mind, is now available.

Click here to read the review

Scoring the Clones - January 4, 2002

John Williams' score for Attack of the Clones will begin to be pieced into the film in January.

Click here to get more on this at starwars.com



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