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Star Wars Episode 2 Attack Of The Clones (Double Sided)
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Spirit (Double Sided)
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News Archive:  February 2002

Film Music Forecast
February 28, 2002

It's a tad late, but Tracksounds' second official Trackdown: Film Music Forecast 2002, is now available!  Don't venture to movies or the soundtrack aisle without checking your forecast first!

Click here to get your 2002 forecast

Yo! Williams!-  February 28, 2002

The virtuoso cellist, Yo Yo Ma plays the music of maestor Williams.  How does this dynamic pairing fair on CD? x 3  Yo Yo Ma

Click here to read the full review

Red Light!  You're Out-  February 28, 2002

Congrats to go0de3d for submitting the winning caption for Contest #18.  If you didn't win, fret not as a new contest is now underway!  Also, stay tuned as rumor has it STAR WARS:  ATTACK OF THE CLONES will soon become a Caption Contest Prize!!!!
Click here to enter nowClick here for rules

Green Dragon Art and Info February 24, 2002

Green Dragon by Jeff and Mychael Danna

Green Dragon

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by JEFF DANNA and MYCHAEL DANNA

A child awakens to a sea of bodies, stretched out across the massive floor,
side by side, alive yet lifeless. Careful in his step, he walks over bodies, one by one, unsure of the moment, confused by it's time and place. The sunlight from an open door draws him nearer, both blinding and illuminating, revealing something both familiar and unfamiliar: the American Flag.

In 1975, refugee camps were set up across the deserts of the United States to house an exodus of over 100,000 Vietnamese immigrants before and immediately following the fall of Saigon. They were considered the first wave and were considered a new generation of Americans.

This child will open our eyes to this new struggle, where, like the flag, America is both familiar and unfamiliar. Through his daily search for his mother in the vast Camp Pendleton Marine Base, we are introduced to a kaleidoscope of characters, and through their eyes we witness the spirit of
imagination, ambition, hope and rebirth.  The moving and exotic score for this powerful motion picture is by film composers (and brothers!) Jeff and Mychael Danna (The Ice Storm, Exotica, Girl Interrupted).  This Franchise Classics production opens in limited release in late
February, widening in March.

Click here for a larger cover  |  Here for more new Varese releases

Unusual Affair February 24, 2002

David Newman's latest project The Affair of the Necklace continues to demonstrate Newman's talent for classical and contemporary combinations that prove to be enticing listening experiences! x 3

Click here to read the full review of The Affair of the Necklace

Dragonfly and Harrison's Flowers February 23, 2002


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by JOHN DEBNEY

The soaring music score for chorus and orchestra represents some of composer John Debney's most exciting work to date. Big themes,
a stunning flying sequence, and a stirring and adventurous spirit make for an early film music highlight for the year.

Click here for a larger cover  |  Here for more new Varese releases

Harrison's Flowers by Cliff EidelmanHarrison's Flowers

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music Composed by CLIFF EIDELMAN

Cliff Eidelman (composer of One True Thing, Untamed Heart, Now And Then) has created a dramatic and impassioned score for this powerful motion picture which opens nationwide on March 15.

Click here for a larger cover  |  Here for more new Varese releases

AOTC Score Completed! February 22, 2002

Attack of the Clones now has a musical score. John Williams composed and conducted the stirring symphonic music recorded in Abbey Studios by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Overseeing the scoring alongside Director George Lucas was Producer Rick McCallum. "It went very, very well -- effortlessly, as it always does with John. Hearing a musical score for the first time is one of the most wonderful events that can happen to you. Obviously, John hears the music when heís writing it, but no one gets the opportunity to fully experience it until then. Even though you may have heard little melodies on the piano, it never has the same impact unless you can really read music well to understand it."

The London Symphony Orchestra included 110 players per day, plus a one-day appearance by a full choir. About a dozen people behind the scenes -- music editor, music mixers and engineers -- were there to capture the music for its addition to the film.

"Thereís a massive amount of music, over 125 minutes worth," says McCallum. "Thatís a lot for a film; the average film has probably about 40. George made maybe five or six changes with certain cues that he wanted a little bit more intensity put in, or less. That was very easily done, especially with someone as talented as John is and as well as with music editor Ken Wannberg."

The Williams Star Wars leitmotif style is present, with key melodies denoting characters and relationships. Certain themes from Episode I will reappear, while others from the original trilogy will begin to be foreshadowed.

"It really is an arc, now, and the music brings in all the films together," says McCallum. "The major themes that will come in the series start in Episode I, build in Episode II, become more refined in Episode III, and then are there for IV, V and VI. One of the first new things that came up was the love theme, and thematically, it's beautifully structured, itís really interesting, and has really wonderful moments that preview what is about to come in terms of character development." 

Source: Star Wars Homing Beacon #54

Click here for more Star Wars news and to sign up for the Homing Beacon

Musically Challenged February 10, 2002

John Powell's challenges listeners with his inventive score for I am Sam.  Check out the full review! x 2

Click here to read the full review of I am Sam

Last Orders Art February 9, 2002

Lost Orders by Paul Grabowsky"A great humanist drama and a great comedy as well. One of the peaks of Fred Schepisi's career - a rich ensemble piece."
- Michael Wilmington, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Last Orders, feelingly directed by Fred Schepisi from Graham Swift's resonant Booker Prize-winning novel, is deceptive in the best sense. Gathering its forces slowly, this careful, thoughtful film, quietly but deeply moving, is dramatic without seeming to be.

A story of the involving secrets behind ordinary lives, Last Orders touches on memory and regrets, dreams and disappointments, what tears people apart and what holds them together-all the things that show how complex simple lives can be if we but have the time and wisdom to look.

Receiving acclaim along with the incredible cast of this film has been composer Paul Grabowsky for his bluesy and melancholy score. It's a haunting work with just a hint of that Twin Peaks mystique which makes for a beautiful, touching and heartfelt soundtrack featuring the music that has been charming critics and audiences around the world.

Click here to see a larger version | here for more Upcoming Varese Releases

Bill Brown's Scorcher -  February 9, 2002

Composer Bill Brown, most noted for his forceful video-game scores such as: Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Ghost Recon, and Rogue Spear, has recently completed his score for the film, Scorcher.  Several Real audio clips are available at his official site.  Fans of his recent work will definately want to check these full length samples out!

Click here to visit the Official Bill Brown site!

Attack of the Clones: Insider Score report  - February 8, 2002

Dark Horizons is reporting some serious insider news regarding some themes, new and familiar, being utilized in the next prequel-sequel, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

A new love theme?  Return of Duel of the Fates?  Fett theme?  Click the link below and check out their full spy report.

This is the place to click!

 Hart's Score -  February 5, 2002

Rachel Portman scoring a war-movie?  Well, according to the film's director, that's not the case.  Whatever Hart's War is, war-flick or not, the score holds a bit of a surprise for film music fans. x 2

Click here to read the flashnotes on Hart's War

Minimal Monsters -  February 5, 2002

Lions Gate Records first release is for the critically acclaimed Monster's Ball.  This minimalist score was "designed" by up and coming composing team, Asche & Spencer.  Intrigued? x 1

Click here to read the flashnotes on Monster's Ball!



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