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Tracksounds Version 1 was first published on August 20, 1998. Version 3 was published in September 1999 and moved from Yahoo/Geocities to Ballou Internet Services as web host. Version 3.5 was published on February 22, 2000. On January 20, 2001, Tracksounds moved to Hostpro as web host and review version 5.0 was launched in February 2001. Tracksounds is now hosted by Crystaltech Hosts. This site was created and owned by Christopher Coleman.

All artwork and music displayed on this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only is the exclusive property of the noted record label, film studio, game developer or composer. All other graphics are the property of Tracksounds and Christopher Coleman. Use of these graphics or text is prohibited without written permission from Tracksounds.



Webmaster/ Senior Editor

Christopher Coleman
scoreman AT tracksounds DOT com

Member: Broadcast Film Critics Association
Member: International Film Music Critics Association

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Active Contributors:

Richard Buxton
rbuxton AT tracksounds DOT com

Marius Masalar
marius AT tracksounds DOT com

Helen San
helen AT tracksounds DOT com


Facebook Administrator:

Helen San
helen AT tracksounds DOT com


Former Contributors:

Vince Cheng,
Steve Townsley, Matthew Peterson, Cap Stewart


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No-Piracy Policy

Tracksounds and its staff are committed to protecting all properties of record labels, movie and television studios, game developers, and composers.  We do not engage in illegal re-distribution of such properties.  Any distribution of music or other properties is done with the written consent of the legal owners.

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Copyright 1998 - 2009. Tracksounds:  The Film Music Experience.   All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form.  All compact disc artwork is property of the specified record label and appears here for informational purposes only.  All sound clips are in Real Audio format or mp3 and are the exclusive property of their respective record labels. Contact the Webmaster